LU CollGS work in progress

This week a team of specialists is setting up the LU CollGS insfrastructure.

LU CollGS: Racks are in the server room

The first seven racks of LU CollGS were installed in the server room at EBRC.

448 hard disks for a total of 3 PB of available space ready to recieve Sentinel 2 data

Ensemble view of the racks

Firewall, switch and 448 Intel Xeon Cores to protect, process and distribute Sentinel Data


Meets AdwäisEO at the “DIAS Industry Day” at EUMETSAT on April 24 2018.

AdwäisEO at the LEO Day 2018

Presenting the Luxembourg Collaborative Ground Segment and animating the discussion at the round table “Which are the business opportunities in EO?” during the Luxembourg Earth Observation Day 2018 (photos by LIST).


Luxembourg Earth Observation and Integrated Applications Day

Meets adwäisEO at the “Luxembourg Earth observation and integrated applications day” on  April 19 2018.

Kick-off of the MFC DU Project – Copernicus CMEMS

AdwäisEO is in charge of the MFC DU service for the European Copernicus CMEMS program.

The Kick-off took place in Rome on the 24/11/2017.

Space Tech Expo Europe 2017

Meet adwäiseo in Bremen at the Space Tech Expo Europe 2017 on October 24-26.

Adwäiseo stand


Skywin Meets Luxembourg Space Cluster

Meet adwäisEO at “Skywin Meets Luxembourg Space Cluster – Microsattelites and their applications” on September 29th.