LU CollGS Project

adwäisEO is the prime contractor for the implementation of the Luxembourg Collaborative Ground Segment (LU CollGS).

The Luxembourg Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segment (LU CollGS) is the Luxembourg entry point to data products of the EU Copernicus Sentinel 1 and 2 Satellite Systems.

It should consist of two interconnected sites: one in Luxembourg for S2 data (in developing) and the other one foreseen in Wallonia for S1 data. All S1 and S2 data will be accessible from the LU CollGS.

The LU CollGS will allow the users to search, discover and download the data. To this purpose all the data will be referenced and indexed in a real time updated geo-catalogue.

The catalogue will allow the users to query the archive on the basis of specific criteria such as product type, orbit or cloud coverage and selected the needed products for the download.

The LU CollGS will provide two levels of services for normal and premium users.

The LU CollGS is particularly intended to provide a privileged access to Luxembourg Users and when the Wallonia site is there to Wallonia Users.