EODAS Project

adwäisEO is the main service provider of the ESA “EO Data Archiving Service” (EODAS) project.

The overarching objective of the project is :

– To provide a secure and reliable archive of ESA’s Earth Observation data covering historical, present and future ESA missions as well as Third Party missions

– To provide & deliver the data in scope of the Service back to ESA (or other recipients) upon request.

Testimony from ESA about the EODAS performance:

ESA is pleased to confirm that the contractual relationship and the execution of the work by the EODAS Consortium have met or even exceeded the expectations since the start of the contract. The agreed milestones have all been met successfully so far, in particular the delicate service phase-in.

The setup of the service to archive data from live missions from the PDGS, and thus serve as Long Term Archive for these missions, has also been flawless.

The team is composed of competent, hard-working people who are showing the determination to espouse ESA’s objectives as their own in a spirit of partnership.

One of the team’s distinctive features is to say what they do and do what they say. Their combined knowledge of EO data and IT technology has been as the basis of the success of EODAS so far.”