Stromboli Eruption by Sentinel-2

On 3rd of July, 2019, Stromboli volcano erupted with little to less warning. Sentinel-2 satellite happen to capture the area before and after the incident took place. Change detection techniques applied to NDVI index allow to detect changes in vegetation due to the eruption while thermal composite permits to clearly see the activity on top of the volcano.

Time evolution of 2019 IRAN flood by Sentinel-2

Thanks to a relatively high time coverage Sentinel Missions allow following the changes in the landscape. Here an example of evolution of the flood occurred in the iranian province of Khuzestan.

IRAN flood by Sentinel-2

Change detection technique applied to Sentinel-2 allows an ease identification of changes in the landscape. Here a small example: by comparing the radiometric information of two Sentinel-2 images it was possible to estimate a flooded area in Khuzestan occured in April 2019.

Khuzestan (IRAN): flooded area extimated by Sentinel-2 for the event of April 2019